I’m Astrid and I’ve created this space with the intention of sharing real life situations. Fears, hopes, achievements, etc. We live in an era where social media opened up an entire world in the palm of our hands and I’m not sure we were all ready for it. Nor we were given instructions on how to handle all that information we have. I feel we blind walk that step and filtering this information as resulted harder for some individuals.

I want to emphasize the real. The struggle. Not sure why we all think we are to be happy 100% of the time. Being human is OK. We hurt.

This is what you will see here. The sun shining but also a cloudy day on the life of a regular person. No filters.

And of course, I will share the good, the happy, the trips, family, kids, so WELCOME! .




#acceptance #mentalhealthawareness #health #healthy #diary #family #relationships #love #friendship #travel #traveler

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